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Holiday Accomodation and safaris - Mtunzini Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa

Terms and Conditions


Accepting the Terms and Conditions:

Tree Top Cottage and Safaris (TTC&S) undertakes to provide all services offered on condition said services are paid for in advance.

Tourists will acquaint themselves with the “Terms and Conditions” as set out below and will agree to it by signing the waiver form.

Reservations and payments:

Confirmation of reservations is subject to a 50% (Fifty percent) cash deposit of the total cost of the tour package/accommodation. The balance shall be paid not later then 7 (Seven) days prior to the arranged booking.

Cancellation and Refunds:

TTC&S reserve the right to cancel reservations should payment not be received within due dates.

In the case of cancellations of tour packages by clients for whatever reason, clients are liable for the following charges:

50% of deposit if cancelled less than 60 days prior to arranged date,

The full deposit if cancelled less than 30 days prior to arranged date,

Full payment if cancelled less than 20 days prior to the arranged date.

In the event of illness, absenteeism or any other reason for withdrawal from the tour or abandonment of accommodation after the commencement date clients will forfeit any monies paid.

All cancellations are to be done in writing.

Charges to Tree Top Cottage and Safaris (TTC&S):

TTC&S reserve the right to cancel any reservation within its own discretion as result of political unrest, hostilities or any other circumstances which can place the tourists live in jeopardy.

In this case TTC&S will offer a choice of alternative accommodation/safari dates or alternatively a full refund of monies already paid by the client.

In the case of an unscheduled extension of the tour as a result of flight delays, bad weather, strikes or any other cause beyond the control of TTC&S, all additional expenses will be the responsibility of the client.


Client responsibilities are:

All flights and travel arrangements to and from King Shaka International Airport, Durban, South Africa, all travel documents such as passports, health and visa papers, all baggage and personal belongings, as well as comprehensive travel insurance for luggage, money, death or disability, injuries and medical expenses.

Client risks include but are not limited to:

Participating in any activities arranged by TTC&S, including all activities relating to (whether directly or indirectly) game drives, barge/boat trips, canoeing, swimming, nature/culture trips, walking trails, fishing, horseback riding, as well as all traveling to and from TTC&S.

Without any deviation from the generality of the foregoing, TTC&S shall not be held liable or be held responsible for any death, injury or illness, harm, loss or damage of whatsoever nature, or cause, whether arising from negligence that may be sustained on the premises or whilst traveling to or from or at TTC&S or whilst participating in any activity.



The South Africa currency is ZAR (South African Rand) which consists of 100 cents. Travelers cheques in SA Rands are safe to use and are generally accepted.                                                                          Credit, debit cards or bank cards are recommended, ATM machines are readily available, but must be used with precaution. Do not allow strangers to assist you. Banks are available in all major towns and cities. (No bank in Mtunzini – only ATM facilities available.)


South Africa has a 14% VAT (Value Added Tax) on all goods purchased, which may be claimed before departure. VAT claim applications are obtainable at VAT Claim Offices at all International Airports who will also facilitate payment of monies due to you.

To be able to claim:

Total VAT paid on goods must exceed R250. Produce your plane ticket, passport and supply VAT invoices for all goods purchased attached to your competed claim form. You might be expected to provide proof of expensive items purchased by displaying such items.

Please note: All ivory items are to be accompanied by the necessary permits, which are to be supplied by the accredited seller.

Travel Documents:

Your passport is to have at least 2 blank pages and is to be valid for at least 6 months when visiting neighbouring countries. Please enquire about Visa requirements for these countries.


Medical assistance is of a very high standard. Consult your medical doctor about vaccinations. DTP- If you have not been vaccinated. Hepatitis A – two weeks before departure. Yellow Fever Card – It is compulsory if you wish to visit SA from certain Africa countries. AIDS – Always be careful – it is transmitted via unprotected sex and infected blood. Malaria - is present during SA summer months (September to April) in the following areas:  Northern KZN, Kruger National Park, Swaziland and Mozambique. Malaria is no threat if you take the necessary precautions when visiting these areas. See you doctor for malaria tablets and always use mosquito repellents between sunset and sunrise.

Communication and Language:

Ensure you have international roaming on your cell phone. SA has an excellent cell phone network with excellent coverage.

English and Afrikaans and Zulu are the most commonly spoken languages in South Africa.

Food and Water

Food and water is generally of high quality in South Africa. Tap water is safe. Avoid drinking water from rivers, dams and lakes unless boiled or treated.


When walking on street keep your cell phone and wallet hidden away. Do not leave your personal possessions such as cameras and handbags unattended or in motor vehicles. Store your money, valuables and documents in a safe keeping facility if provided.